API Overview

The Trajectory API lets you programmatically access your iterations and stories in Trajectory through a JSON API.

Currently, the API only supports retrieving, creating, and updating stories and iterations. Comments and Uploads are not currently accessible via the API.

The API uses standard REST conventions. To indicate whether you are retrieving or updating a resource, make use of the "HTTP verbs", GET and PUT, respectively. To create a new resource, send a POST request to the resources' url (ie. /stories). The API responds with a JSON representation of the object reflecting your changes.

Authentication & Basic Access

Each user in Trajectory has an API Key which is used to authenticate as that user when accessing the API. You can retrieve your API key by logging in and clicking on the Settings link in the upper right hand corner. This takes you to your profile page (profile/edit) and your API Key will be listed in that page.

The API is accessed via urls starting with /api/API_KEY where API_KEY is the API key from your profile page.

The API Key is part of the URL to avoid issues with caching which may occur over certain servers and networks.

Trajectory is only available via SSL. If you do not access the API via SSL you will be redirected to SSL. This may cause issues with certain HTTP libraries and API calls.

Most URLs in the API will be prefixed by the API Key, and scoped to account and project. For example, the stories URL is:


Finally, you should specify a content type of application/json to ensure that your JSON posts are processed as json.